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  • An automatic diet
  • A rigid food plan
  • A product that uses dietary supplements
  • A calorie counter

Nootric Code

At nootric we're committed to healthy living and eating.

This is why we've created an online platform that specialises in diets and nutrition. With our novel website and app, nutritionists can offer their services, provide answers to users' questions and gain visibility nationally and internationally. At the same time, users can learn more about the professional guiding them, have access to validated answers and information, get help and support from an expert nutritionist, and diet with the support of nutrition experts.

We've developed this code reflecting our values:


The purpose of dieting is to improve health

The nutritionist's goal is always to help maintain results in the long term, through a nutritional reeducation process; avoiding counterproductive guidelines and treatments used for short-term results but that are not advisable. With proper nutritional reeducation, fantastic results are possible that can be maintained forever and shared with the rest of the family.


Diet goals of our expert nutritionists

The diets always provide sufficient, balanced, varied food. No diets will be assigned that don't cover all of the food groups in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies. In general, they will follow the guidelines of the Mediterranean diet, which has proven cardiovascular benefits and helps shed excess weight.


Beyond weight-loss diets

Weight-loss diets aim to shed fat without losing muscle mass or water weight. Recommended weight loss is 0.5 kg to 1 kg per week. Thanks to the support of a nutritionist, the concept of dieting becomes "knowing what to eat, how to eat and when to eat". This means users finish the process when they are self-sufficient, with enough knowledge about nutrition and an understanding of what type of food to eat to maintain their ideal weight in the long-term. This is why monitoring is so important: healthcare professionals that specialise in nutrition aren't just there to weigh patients; their job is to train and educate people to help them achieve their goals.


Personalised diets

The personalised diets are created by expert nutritionists after evaluating the characteristics and conditions of each person, as each individual is different and needs a custom assessment. Special diets are made for those who have a condition (obesity, diabetes, etc.), special needs (pregnancy, nursing, etc.), food allergy or intolerance (lactose, gluten, etc.), or need a diet for vegetarians or athletes.

There are qualitative guidelines that help establish a balanced menu, in line with the food pyramid, with healthy recipes, advice and tricks. In addition to nutritional assessment and diet, just contact with professionals is very important to changing a person's habits.


Healthy habits

In addition to healthy eating habits, it's important to have healthy lifestyle habits: doing physical exercise every day, avoiding toxic substances and remember thatfood isn't our enemy, it gives us fantastic opportunities to enjoy ourselves with our family, friends, cooking, savouring the taste of the food, etc.


Our nutritionists' commitment:

The nutritionist will act responsibly and professionally, with solidarity, respect, cooperation, lawfulness, honesty, integrity and fairness, to improve the health and/or quality-of-life of the individual or society:

  • • Being competent, objective and honest in their actions.
  • • Respecting each person and their individual needs.
  • • Collaborating with other professionals.
  • • Working to get everyone to an optimal state of nutrition.
  • • Respecting the principles of beneficence, autonomy and justice.
  • • Complying with the Code of Best Practices in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.